My Dogs

Lance the Corgi

Lance has been my guinea pig dog as he introduced me to the world of dogs sports and patiently taught me how to train, and retrain behaviors to hold up in trial environments.

Before an injury forced early retirement, Lance achieved his UDX, OM2, and 50pts towards his OTCH in AKC obedience.  Lance also competed in CDSP obedience earning his OTCH-C, WCRL rally earning multiple level 3 championships, and a brief stint in AKC rally earning his RE.  In agility Lance primarily competed in NADAC at the elite level.

Lance Collage

Vito the Toller

Vito is my special dog who struggles greatly with anxiety issues in daily life and in the competition world.  He continues to teach me how to motivate dogs and help those with ring stress.

Vito has primarily competed in USDAA and UKI agility, earning championship titles in both organizations.  In obedience Vito is still working on conquering his anxieties so does limited showings.  In AKC he has earned his CD, PCDX, and RE.  In CDSP obedience Vito earned his UD-C and in WCRL rally he has his RL3.

Vito Collage

Zumi the Duck (Toller).

Zumi is my youngest dog and has just started to enter competitions in obedience, rally, and agility.  She is a high drive dog with a sensitive side!  She is currently teaching me how to work with dogs who get overly aroused.

In obedience she has her AKC CD title and CDSP CD-C title.  In rally she has her AKC RA and WCRL RL3.  In agility she has just reached the masters level in USDAA and UKI.


Service Dogs

Over the past 8 years I have had the joy of personally training several hundred service dogs in training.  Some I puppy raised, most I worked with over a period of several weeks to months as I trained the skills they would need to become an eager service dog partner.  Every dog I worked with has taught me something new about training and I will always smile as I think about their individual stories.

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