Online Classes & Privates

Online Classes

My online classes are conducted through Fenzi Dog Sport Academy.  With online classes you get access to full step by step lectures on how to teach the topics, problem solving common issues, and plenty of video examples!  You can digest all the information while sitting at home in your pjs and refer back to the information as often as you need!  Classes run for 6 weeks but you keep access to the lectures for a year (or 1yr past your last FDSA class.)

If you are a “Gold” student then you get to ask me as many questions as you like and get individual feedback as I watch your training videos!  You don’t ever have to wait more than 24hrs for answers on how to proceed as I checkup on your forum at least twice a day.

I currently teach classes on:

  1. Ring Confidence For Obedience, Rally, and Agility Trials:  For fixing ring stress and focus issues and to create a solid ring preparation routine to prepare a young dog for trialing.  The most important class I teach!  If you are struggling with getting your dog to perform in the ring the way they do in practice then this is the class I recommend!
    • Next offering April 1, 2018
  2. Bye, Bye Cookie- Hello Delayed Reinforcement: A class looking at getting happy and confident performances when your rewards are located off your body and at a distance. We will also focus on how to train around distractions so your dog can focus even without a cookie in your hand!  If you’ve ever said your dog only does it when you’re holding the reward in your hand then let’s work together to fix it!
    • Next offering June 1, 2018
  3. TEAM 1, TEAM 2, and TEAM 3:  Building obedience and rally foundations to compete in the TEAM program or for AKC, CDSP, UKC, CKC, WCRL and other obedience/rally organizations.  This program offers step by step instructions on how to teach every obedience exercise!  We break it down into the smallest pieces so that even if you are new to obedience you will feel confident in teaching the exercises!  In the first level we start with everything from pivoting in heel position to go outs and scent articles!
    • Team 1: Starting February 1, 2018
    • Team 2: Starting December 1, 2017
    • Team 3: Starting April 1, 2018.
  4. Stand With Me:  Teaching a solid stand cue, the moving stand, and how to introduce the concept of an exam to excitable or nervous dogs.  We will even break down how to teach a stand at a distance for the new AKC command discrimination exercise!
    • Next offering February 1, 2018
  5. Articles From the Ground Up:  How to teach obedience scent articles and how to fix common problems that show up.
    • Next offering August 1, 2018
    • (Note: if you are interested in learning how I start scent articles I will also be discussing the basics of my method in the TEAM level 1 and 2 classes)

Please see the schedule on FDSA if you’re interested in my next class, or contact me directly for more information.  Bronze students get full access for $65 and Gold students who want individual feedback have me twice a day for $265.

Online Coaching

With private coaching, we can talk about how to train new behaviors or troubleshoot existing ones!  Topics are of your choice and can be on anything from obedience and agility to tricks and service dog behaviors!

I love doing online coaching as I find it extremely effective!  You get my feedback in written form so you can actually remember my suggestions and even reread them as often as you need to!  You can also compare my notes to the exact second of video that I am referring to, how cool is that?!  This allows you to actually see what you are physically doing, how the dog is responding, and receive help in getting your training clear and efficient.

Generally I find that we can cover a lot more information in less time with online privates versus in person privates as you are not “on the clock” when you’re trying to process feedback and we don’t have to worry about exhausting your dog with a full hour of work in one sitting!

This coaching service can be set up through a private Facebook group or through email and includes video review.  Feedback is not done “live” at a set time but is a back and forth exchange.  I will keep track of my time spent on responses and will let you know when your hour(s) are up.  All you need to do is send me your questions and any video clips of your training you want me to watch!  If you are a bit intimidated by the prospect of taking video and submitting it for review, please email me and I will walk you through a pain free way to start!


The number of students I coach at one time is limited and I charge $70/hr for both online and in person lessons.  Priority for open spots are given to students who have enrolled in FDSA online classes or are current local students as this allows us to have a common “language” of training methods right off the bat.

You can email me at or fill out the form below to ask your questions!  Tell me what you are struggling with and I will give you my recommendations on how to fix it!